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Sign up to the 5k virtual challenge and Race To Save The Pangolins

5K, any time, anywhere!

How this Virtual Race works

Sign up, run, jog or walk your 5km virtual race, submit your evidence to claim your Race To Save The Pangolins wooden medal.

Medal is 80mm x 80mm.

Good Luck!!!

Your medal must be claimed within 6 weeks.


Good Luck!!
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The harmless pangolin is becoming increasingly well known for one reason: It’s believed to be the world's most trafficked wild animal with more than one million pangolins poached in the past decade, killed for their scales for use in traditional Chinese medicine and for their meat, considered a delicacy among some ultra-wealthy in China and Vietnam.

Poaching for illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss have made these incredible creatures one of the most threatened groups of mammals in the world and we, at Ministry of Medals want to help.

£4 from each entry will be donated to https://www.restnamibia.org/ a small research, rescue, rehabilitation, and release centre that specializes in rare & endangered species including the Pangolin. 

REST Namibia