Goaty Gallop Virtual Run - 5k

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5K, any time, anywhere!

How this Virtual Race works

Sign up, run, jog, gallop or walk your 5km virtual race, submit your evidence to claim your Goaty Gallop wooden medal.

Medal is 80mm x 80mm.

Good Luck!!!

Your medal must be claimed within 6 weeks.


Good Luck!!
Free UK postage

*Not available for discount*


£4 from every entry will be donated to Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats in Kent.

Buttercups is the only sanctuary for goats in the UK and has been hit hard by the pandemic, to the point where they may have to close.
Buttercups receives most of their funding from public donations, and with no one being able to visit for months, its has been a struggle to stay open.

We will make a donation to them for every enry to our 5k Goaty Gallop.


Thank you for your support.