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Couch to 5km Virtual Event

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So you're ready for Couch to 5k, or maybe you have already started!
This unique, black, white and pink C25k companion medal will help boost your motivation throughout your running journey and can take pride of place on your medal hanger.
Maybe you know someone who deserves this medal for their achievement, why not treat them and buy as a gift!?

How Does It Work?

Sign up today and when you have completed your Couch25k training and have run 5k or for 30 minutes, send us your evidence (screenshot from your training/running app or even your Parkrun result) and we will send you this unique Couch 2 5k medal.

Good luck!!

Red Couch to 5k Medal

Blue Couch to 5k Medal

If this medal is bought as a gift, please email us and so we can ship it straight away.

Evidence is required within 6 months of race entry.

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Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • What can I use as evidence?

    A screenshot of your Couch to 5k app that shows you have completed your 5k goal will be fine. You can also use a screenshot from any of the running apps (Strava etc), you can even use a parkrun email or a treadmill display photo.

  • I have just started my training, when will I get my medal?

    Your medal will be sent out when you have finished your Couch 2 5km training and submitted evidence of your final 5km (30 minute) run.

  • What is Couch to 5k?

    Couch to 5k is a running plan for absolute beginners. C25k is designed to get just about anyone off the couch and running 5km in 8 - 9 weeks.