Mental health benefits of running

Mental health benefits of running


16 million people in the UK experience a mental illness yearly. That is the equivalent to the entire population of Ecuador. Mental health is a serious issue and although, those suffering should seek help, there are many things that they can do to help themselves. Exercise, more specifically running, is one of those so here are 5 mental health benefits that running can provide!

1)     It helps you sleep better – One study found that the more you run, the deeper, longer and better quality your sleep will be. Not only does that mean you are happier and more awake the next day but sleep naturally has mental health benefits too such as better memory so it’s a double benefit!

2)    It can improve your learning abilities - In 2007, published in the journal, Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, It was found that running can improve how well you retain new information and how easily you learn it

3)    It helps your memory – As I said before, sleeping more due to exercise can boost your memory but running also does that as shown by a Brazilian study on rats which concluded after elderly rats run for 5 minutes everyday for 5 weeks, their memory was equal to that of the younger rats.

4)    It relieves stress and anxiety – We all know that some people run to break free for a while and that is totally a good reason! Running produces endorphins which counteract the stress hormones which can lead to a “runners high” which is a state of tranquillity!

5)    It boosts your confidence and self-esteem – Not only do you set and smash the goals you set yourself, boosting your self esteem anyway but running also boosts confidence, especially when your body image is improved through weight loss and toning that running brings

Obviously, there are endless benefits to running including physical ones too which I have also done a post about! You can check that out here. Comment below what your favourite running benefits are!


About the Author – My name is Em and I have a fab little fitness blog called Running.Em which features race reviews, healthy food posts and much more! I was so happy to do this amazing guest post as mental health is something I am very passionate about raising awareness for.


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